These mixtapes are heavy in rotation over here:

Tiron, “MSTRD”

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Tiron has finally released the long awaited follow up to Ketchup! The 10 track mixtape is a smooth ride, no skip-worthy songs, but several rewinds! Yea….I’m a fan.

Cee-Lo Green, “Stray Bullets”

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Surprise, surprise! Totally wasn’t expecting this mixtape!! Can’t complain. You can always expect an audible-stimulant from this guy. For me, this mixtape was like that ever-changing gum from Willy Wonka (well, minus the malfunctioning part). Every track offers something different…

The Cool Kids, “Tacklebox”

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I’ve been rocking with The Cool Kids for quite some time, and their growth is extremely evident in this mixtape! I’ve hear very few critics of this mixtape, and that’s saying a lot. Burn one and press play…