2010 crash landed in my drunken lap a little over a year ago and unloaded a hoard of events, creations, horrors, and other mysteries during it’s course here in this universe. Though, it ended with a pint sized party girl raining down on Times Square with all of her Jersey Shore glory, 2010 left us with many great marvels and memories. I sporadically jotted down ten souvenirs of 2010. No particular order or meaning. Completely random. I’m sure I left out greater and more monumental things. Like to hear it? Here it go….

1. Pilot Talk 1 and Pilot Talk 2

I am ultimately satisfied with Pilot Talk, and Curren$y gave us two of them!!  I believe Curren$y was able to deliver two solid albums strongly characterized by his style in which we love, not watered down by the powers that be. As with everything, these albums received criticism for the slightest imperfections or failure to meet whatever expectations said critic had. However, I thoroughly enjoy both Pilot Talk 1 and 2. Why? Because I simply listened to them. Sometimes you just have to take things for what they are. No preconceptions, just receiving with a sober mind.

2. Runaway, Kanye West.

I tentatively watched and studied every 30 odd minutes of this film. Stunning imagery, beautiful story line, and ill music. What better components could you ask for? I was too pressed to pirate this and I still watch it quite often. Runaway could be played on flat screens in my home as artwork. Oh, and did I mention the Phoenix? Selita Ebanks? Bosom plumage? Allure.

3. Snowpocalypse 2010

Last year DC hit an all-time record for snowfall, totaling somewhere around 52 inches! Unlike anything I had ever seen before, I delved into the depths of that white world! For nearly two weeks the wintry mix of white fluff and thick ice turned dc into a deserted Narnia on steroids, and I loved every moment of it! I can’t recall a day I didn’t venture out into the seemingly empty world. As much as I care to share my tales, I’d hate to incriminate myself.

*I’m merely a peasant, no fancy schmancy high megapixel/resolution/zoom camera here, but that picture, that’s snow that said “fuck yo kneecaps and your waistline!” I bullshit you not.

4. World Cup 19, South Africa

I remember seeing images of the stadium being built in 2009 and contemplating selling a kidney or organ of lesser biological value to be in attendance. Needless to say, that transaction didn’t go too well. However, watching the games, crowd coverage, and culture surrounding the events in action was thrilling enough! I still hear vuvuzelas buzzing. World Cup 2010 created nearly 700k jobs in South Africa and contributed a small (yet, sizable) percentage to their GNP.

5. Progress

This can be loosely interpreted. Wherever there was progress, there’s appreciation. Life pitched all types of shit my way (and continues to do so), but what’s most important is that it continues and for the better. If you’re not familiar, that image represents The Great Progression. Stalk that movement HERE, it’s worth the stakeout. I figured it was better than the image I originally gestured to use (and no, I’m not nor have ever been pregnant. The image does represent progress, though.)

6. The Quality of Mixtapes

2010 spit out some great mixtapes that sounded like albums, or what albums should/could be. Off top, my favorites:

Kush and Orange Juice, Wiz Khalifa

Friday Night Lights, J.Cole

Trap or Die 2, Young Jeezy

Blue Dream, $urreal

Longterm 2, Ab-Soul

Just to name a few. There were more notable ones, I’m sure. That was just off top, as aforementioned.

7. The Reeferlution

2010 experienced a surge in cannabis culture. It’s nothing new, as with anything under the sun; but the widespread acceptance or interest in the herb was astounding. Marijuana music swept across many genres, though sativa saturated lyrics were most potent in the rap world. I feel rather blah on the subject. If you smoke, it’s something you’ve been doing and will, presumably, continue to do whether its widely accepted or not. Quite frankly, I’d rather not hear about it so much, I’d rather be about it in the privacy of good company. Not that dat tree doesn’t spark my interest (corny, but unintended, pun), I’m just sick of it being the focal point of nearly everything!

8. Street Style Takeover

The fascination with street style seemingly climaxed this past year. The consumer has a great interest in the fashion choices and styling techniques of the everyday man or woman or the not-so-everyday man or woman, but in a common setting. The accessibility  of a vast sea of style and its application day to day has made such an impact on the fashion industry, fashion bloggers now have a place at fashion shows and spreads in notable magazines.

9. How To Make It In America, HBO

I didn’t think the acting was exceptional or the cinematography was groundbreaking, but I did find the storyline ambitious and inspiring. It was real. It was insightful. It kept me watching and I think it was a realistic grasp on a lifestyle much of our generation chases.

10. People.

Well, of course 2010 birthed people. It wasn’t so much the births of people (conversations with newborns can be difficult), but the births of new relationships with people. I met so many people in 2010. Some good, some bad, some hood, some fab (ok, enough dr. seussing). Some influential, some life changing, for better and worse. Nonetheless, my life was shaped by the lives of others. Though my condition may not be perfect, I love it! Kind of like that lump of clay you intended to spin into a mug, but turned into a bowl that you love just as much.