From the time I first became aware of him a few years back, I was instantly intrigued and drawn to the work of Jeff Ng, largely known as Jeff Staple. Outside of his work with Reed Space, Reed Pages, and countless collaborative efforts, I value his opinion and foresight as a creative individual. There’s a great abundance of information on this man in video format floating around, however, I chose this one because it spoke on more than the typical industry related subject matter. In all things you have to attribute something greater than what’s at hand and truly focus on the bigger picture and the force that’s driving behind it. I like that Jeff acknowledges that the appreciation of life is pivotal for everyone and plays a major role in how we function in all endeavors of life. I believe focusing greatly on many small things enables you to lose sight of the greater things (which are often most crucial and consistent) which, ultimately, have a great influence on the littler things.

For more on Jeff Staple, check this interview.

Psychobabble, as usual.