I’m neither ordained nor nearly educated enough to teach The Word, nor will this post subject you to singing “He Has The Whole World In His Hands;” however, its intentions are to enlighten. In today’s presentation of music, specifically that of music blogs, you’re introduced to new tracks from the same group of artists with the periodical new name, 24 hours goes by and what was once new is now on page 34 of your favorite blog and you’ve since obtained 53 new tracks. People blindly get caught in the hype of getting a single the instant it’s released in fear of being “late” that they don’t take the time to truly digest and appreciate. Sunday School aims to build your musical library and hopefully expose you to some new music (new to the world or new to you) that you might’ve never heard of or forgotten about. The selection is mostly chosen at random -new and old, multiple genres. I ask that you simply trust my taste in music and just download. So as you prepare for the week ahead, why not start with newish music? Might not be your favorite genre  or artist but the intent is to expose yourself to something that could potentially open a new world of music for you. If there are songs within the bundle that don’t tickle your fancy, the ‘delete’ and ‘move to trash’ option should rectify all your woes.

Now, for our first lesson:


The first lesson began completely generic. Whatever my iTunes threw at me in the shuffle. However, being that St. Valentine has a big event planned for Monday, I decided to make this go ’round in honor of the occasion. Some songs are for the lovers, some for the love haters, some for the bromancers, some for the fresh in love, some for the jaded by “love”, some for the socially awkward, some for the Rico Suaves and the maneaters, and the one hitter quitters. Regardless your scope on that four letter word get into this collection and accept or reject something new, or simply revisit. (*not all lessons will be nearly this long!)

For a more organized and well thought out collection, check out DC to BC’s 3rd annual S.A.D. (Single’s Awareness Day) Mixtape HERE. If not for the music, at least for the ill ass artwork!